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Chauvet Bubble Fluid

Chauvet Bubble Fluid

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Kristian James 40th BirthdaySaturday 10th December

DJ Jan was great, really happy with his willingness to listen to me, look at the prescribed list and then be flexible throughout the night.  Top effort and I’d recommend because he was open and a good guy.

Cheers, Kristian

Dean Partridge All Day WeddingThursday 8th September 2016

Jan was awesome. Was a pleasure to deal with, played great tunes and kept the dance floor cranking. Definitely made the wedding something special for us. Couldn’t ask or hope for anything more he really was just brilliant! Mudbrick was very impressed too.

Heather & Richard ChamberlainCastaways, Waiuku

Absolutely awesome. From beautiful ceremony music to getting the entire wedding party dancing (ages 14-80 on the dance floor all night!!), I could not have asked for a better DJ – and had so many guests comment about how great you were. Would not hesitate to book again for any future events, thanks for making our special day so perfect!!


Jan is an incredible DJ, a real master of his craft. He had the dance floor going off at our wedding! We’ve had so many comments from guests about how awesome the music was! We found Jan incredibly professional and responsive, he had no issue in understanding what we were after for our special day and went above and beyond in the lead-up and on the night! Would recommend in a heart beat, thanks again Jan!


We were lucky enough to have Jan DJ our wedding. He played an incredible variety of music which was exactly what we asked for and at no time were there less than 60 people dancing! I would recommend him for absolutely any event as he was super approachable, friendly and went the extra mile for us. I would also recommend the snapstand. The pictures are really clear and our guests had a blast with it!