Want to have an unforgettably fun wedding reception? Then you have come to the right place. Meet Jeffrey Quina, but you can call him Jeff. Jeff has been hosting events for the past 11 years from his time living in the Philippines until when he moved here to New Zealand. From corporate events to birthday celebrations and wedding receptions it has always been a passion of Jeff’s to host special occasions.

A wedding reception is as important as the wedding ceremony. Jeff treat’s his wedding reception programs like a production, ensuring smooth transitions with something lined up one after the other. I make sure that there is no dull moment so everyone can enjoy and have fun! Although there’s nothing wrong with getting a good mate to host your wedding reception especially since they know you very well, professional emcees have a better command of the program and better awareness of the crowd’s feelings

So, if you want to have an awesome wedding reception filled with unforgettable moments, let Jeff Quina events emcee make sure you have a night filled with love and laughter, as you enjoy your happily ever after.