At weddings, Disc Jockeys may seem useless when everyone can whip together a playlist on their phone and plug the music into a speaker. However, wedding DJs do more than choose music; they conduct the flow of the reception, set the mood with their song choices, manage and adjust to the crowd, and can even save the wedding from setbacks or delays. There are many wedding DJs for hire; but just like choosing the venue, event organiser, and gown, it is essential to choose the best DJ. Here are 5 things to consider when hiring a Wedding DJ.



1) Experience

As mentioned above, wedding DJs do more than play songs. They are responsible for keeping the event flowing smoothly, preventing dead noise or delays in the program, and keeping the crowd excited and entertained. To ensure that the wedding DJ will be skilled, check how long they’ve been working as a DJ. Check if they have years of experience in conducting events. The more experienced a DJ is, the more accustomed they’ll be to skillfully handling wedding audiences.


2) Professionalism

Anyone can claim to be a DJ, and many wedding DJs may just do it as a hobby. Hiring an amateur with poor DJ equipment can be disastrous for your wedding, or at the least, make it a lukewarm event. Make sure that you are hiring a professional DJ  who is trained to read the crowd and adjust the music to the mood. Professional DJ companies are also often able to provide a DJ who can double as an excellent emcee, if required.

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3) Reliability

Since DJs have a huge impact on the overall program, it can be a disaster when they cancel last minute and you’re left scrambling to find a replacement. Wedding DJs are supposed to conduct the program flawlessly, allowing you to sit back and enjoy your special day. Make sure to check the reviews of the DJ or DJ company you are planning to hire. Out of all the DJ companies in Auckland, DJ4You has the most five-star reviews on Facebook, and has a 5.0 rating on Google. DJ4you also runs rehearsals and ceremonies beforehand to ensure everything will work smoothly on the day of the event.


4) Equipment

One way to know you are getting a good DJ is to check their equipment. DJs should be expected to provide their own DJ equipment, do sound checks before the ceremony, and properly set up everything ahead of time. DJ4You brings the best sound and lighting equipment including speakers and wireless microphones. In addition, we can provide printing photo booths, LED Up Lighting packages to add to the atmosphere of the venue, and more equipment add-ons.

5) Communication

Weddings are made of many moving parts; there are a thousand ways things could go wrong. That’s why it’s important to hire a wedding DJ who knows how to work well with others – the event managers, the venue staff, and everyone else involved in the wedding. Hire a DJ who is easy to work with and open to communication, so that they get the best idea of what you are expecting from them and how they should conduct the event. DJ4You invites couples for pre-event consultations in their nearest regional office to guarantee there is no misunderstanding on what the couple wants.
With years of experience, well-trained DJs, and top-notch equipment, DJ4you is ready to make your wedding the best experience possible. Contact us now through our website, or email us at You can also call us at 0800 354 473 or visit our head office in Auckland at 274a Mount Albert Road for a personal consultation.