Wedding MC Services

Being an MC isn’t for everyone. It requires a certain level of confidence, people skills, witty humour, and of course organisation. Choosing a good MC for your Wedding can have a huge impact on the day. An MC keeps things running on schedule, makes sure all your guests know what’s going on, and even brightening the mood with a touch of humour.

It can be great to ask a close friend or family member to take on this role if they are a confident public speaker, and have a good sense of humour. However, this means they are not able to fully enjoy the event, or the bar tab, as much as they would of hoped to as being the MC is an important job that required a fair bit of running around and making sure everything is running as it should – this is where we step in!

Our MCs take care of a lot more than you might think. We have put together a small list of the items our MCs assist with on your Wedding day –

• Welcoming guests to the Ceremony and guiding immediately family to their seats (usually front row)
• First announcement and introduction after ceremony completion to let guests know what activity’s are planned for the afternoon whilst bridal party departs for photos
• Advising guests where to find nibbles, bubbles, rest rooms and smokers areas after ceremony completion
• Helping the Photographer to organise the group photos. This can help prevent delays as guests often go wandering to the bar, restrooms or other areas at your venue after the ceremony concludes.
• On request, we have a great game we love playing with the guests while the couple is away for bridal photos which gets guests interacting with each other. It is a great way to break the ice, and allow everyone to get to know each other a little better.
• Inviting guests to find their seats at the reception when bridal party is about to arrive back for their Grand Entrance.
• Introducing the bridal party, and newly married couple for the first time as they enter the reception.
• Running through house keeping, schedule for the evening, and making any important announcements during the reception opening speech.
• Introducing guests giving formal speeches. We like to do our research on those giving speeches, and introducing them with a fun fact or short story to keep things entertaining for seated guests, and often allowing everyone to have a little laugh.
• Inviting guests to serve their dinner & dessert if you have chosen to have a buffet.
• Playing some fun games with the couple after. One of the more popular games chosen by couples is the shoe game. This is where couple sit back to back, with a shoe of their own in one hand, and a shoe belonging to their new husband/wife in the other. A series of questions are then asked, requiring the couple to raise the shoe of the person in the relationship most relevant to the question asked. This can be hilarious when couples are asked questions like “who is most likely to max out their credit card” or “who spends the most time looking in the mirror”
• Announcing the Cutting of the Cake & of course the first dance!

You can view a short snippet of our Premium DJ Jan in action as the MC’s for Sara & Dylans Wedding at Ascension Winery early 2018 below.