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Wedding DJ Hire Coromandel

Golden beaches, mysterious rainforests and wide green pastures all make the Coromandel one of the best-kept secrets of New Zealand – and the perfect locale to stage your wedding, corporate outing or other unique event.

If you’ve decided to choose the Coromandel for your special day, DJ4You can help you make it truly memorable with an all-encompassing wedding DJ service.

Weddings on the Coromandel

You want your wedding day to be special, which is why you’ve decided to come to the Coromandel to celebrate your big day. You want to ensure that you create long-lasting memories for your guests – friends, family, work colleagues – all with very different ideas of what a good wedding looks like. And, just as importantly, sounds like.

At DJ4You, we’ve been providing music to Coromandel wedding venues for years. From aisle music to the latest hits for the reception, we want to provide that same high level of quality as your chosen wedding DJ hire service.

With over 10 years of experience in the business, a wide roster of experienced DJs and an enormous range of music choices and styles, we know that we can help make your wedding one that will be talked about for years to come.

The local touch

As if our collective expertise in DJing wasn’t enough, we also boast a very local touch when it comes to the Coromandel. DJ Doogle of Bar101 fame is originally from the Coromandel, having been a DJ in local bars before he was even allowed to legally drink in them! He went on to earn his first big break as a support DJ for Roksonix in early 2012, shortly before being asked to work alongside Kidz in Space and Smashproof at Empire State Record’s Woodcut Studio in Auckland.

Following a North Island tour, DJ Doogle caught the eye of the Hamilton nightlife and within two weeks of moving there was offered positions at the top local student bars. Nowadays, he is well-known around the Coromandel area for performing at weddings, school balls and club events over the summer, and is a proud part of the expert crew of DJ4You.

As a result, hiring DJ4You doesn’t just get you a set of music and a disk jockey – you get a world-famous-in-New-Zealand artist who knows exactly how to provide the best soundtrack to your special day.

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The best on the Coromandel

Local expertise, years of experience and dedication to satisfaction for our clients makes DJ4You the ideal choice for your wedding on the Coromandel. Don’t settle for the rest, work with the best DJ wedding hire service on the Coromandel – DJ4You.

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