Antony Watson (Ants for short) has been in the depths of mobile DJing since high school, and for almost a decade he has catered to a huge number of corporate functions, private events, school balls, weddings, and countless club nights across the north island and beyond. With a strong appreciation of 60’s, through 90’s music, a passion for house and DnB, and knowledge of every genre under the sun; he is able to lead his crowd through a vast music library, and seamlessly weave them through avenues of emotion and memories. From your Oldschool Rock n Roll and classic Kiwiana singalongs, to the freshest Top40, DnB and House bangers – Ants knows how a crowd is feeling and always knows when its time to switch it up! In the midst of pursuing his Audio engineering career, he takes pride in providing the most professional, well balanced, and well suited music experience possible. From pre-planned music cues during awards “drum roll please”, or executing the perfect fade out as the brides veil is lifted, Antonys top notch planning and communication with clients will make for a flawless performance.

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