Working in the AV Department at Burnside High School, Kallim Guy went from being a student in the AV Team helping run the Aurora Centre to a paid employee. A natural “techie”, during a night out at Déjà Vu nightclub shortly after it reopened, Kallim offered to help with the nightclub lighting system when it wasn’t working as well as it was capable of. And before the end of the night he was offered a job! Quickly taking on a role as both opening DJ and lighting manager, over the next year Kallim moved into the resident DJ position at Deja Vu, having learnt from some of the best DJ’s in the business and becoming a known scene personality. Expanding his experience playing nights at the like of Chiwahwah, the Pegasus Arms, Village Inn Geraldine and more, Kallim has built on his ability to read a crowd and perform for people of all ages. Currently the resident DJ at Lush, you will also find DJ Ku playing at Chiwahwah, Amazonita and private functions, DJ Ku is a shining light for the next generation of DJ’s coming through in Canterbury.

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