db Tech 18d Sub Woofer Hire

$110.00Per Night

Product Description

The SUB 18D is the first-choice bass bin for users seeking powerful punch and ultra low-end response.

Fine-tuned to augment and amplify the highpower 18” woofer’s audio performance, this custom engineered bandpass enclosure outperforms conventional bass-reflex designs, achieving higher peak levels.

Active Subwoofer 1400 Watt
dBTechnologies is well known for its remarkable active subwoofers with outstanding performance, combining powerful and precise subsonic reproduction with excellent tonal quality.

All powered subwoofers are equipped with an active crossover, which can operate in
Mono or Stereo mode, providing all combinations for applications with one or more


Speaker Type: Active Bandpass Subwoofer

Frequency Response [-10dB]: 28 – 150 Hz
Max SPL: 134 dB
Directivity: omnidirectional
LF: 18 ”
Voice Coil LF: 4 ”

Amp Technology: Digipro®
Amp Class: Class D
Power PRG: 1400 W
Peak Power: 2800 W

Controller: Digital
Phase: 0, 180 °
Limiter: Dual Active Limiter
Crossover Frequency MF-HF: 90, 120 Hz
LF-Xover out slope: 24 dB/Octave

Signal Input: 2x XLR
Signal Output: 2x XLR X-Over Out/ Link Out

Housing: Multiplex, birch plywood
Pole Mount: 2x M20
Width: 530 mm (21.2 in)
Height: 700 mm (28 in)
Depth: 600 mm (24 in)
Weight: 44 kg (97 lbs)