Foam Dumper / Cannon Hire

Foam Dumper / Cannon Hire

$650.00Per Night

Product Description

The DJ4You Foam dumper / cannon is one of the largest in New-Zealand.  Producing more foam in a shorter period time than a standard foam cannon makes our dumper more affordable giving you more for your money. In Just under 10 minutes expect a 1.5m pile of foam covering a large area below the cannon

With a hypoallergenic foam solution we guarantee the product is safe and has been tested before to meet the highest standards over seas. However we do suggest everyone washed the solution off after each event. We can also provide coloured foam solutions.

Hire from $650 includes 2 hours of consistent foam a professional operator and the Foam dumper itself. Additional trussing may be required if no over head bars fitted in venue to be used. Additional hours are charged at $150 per hour.